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Workplace Law | Employee Share and Option Schemes

Incentivising Talent with Strategic Share and Option Plans

At Executive Law Group, we understand the importance of incentivising and retaining top talent. Our experienced legal team helps businesses design and implement employee share and option schemes that align with corporate goals while rewarding employees effectively. These plans offer a valuable way to motivate your workforce and foster long-term loyalty.

Customised Scheme Design and Compliance

We work closely with your company to design customised share and option schemes that meet your specific needs and comply with Australian taxation and securities regulations. Our team provides comprehensive advice on structuring the plans, drafting scheme rules, and ensuring clear communication with employees to maximise their understanding and participation.

Legal and Tax Implications

Navigating the legal and tax implications of employee share and option schemes can be complex. We help you understand the requirements and obligations involved, from tax concessions and reporting to compliance with the Corporations Act. Our goal is to implement a plan that delivers value while minimising the risks for both employers and employees.

Scheme Implementation and Administration

Once your scheme is designed, we assist with its implementation and administration. This includes employee onboarding, managing share issuances, and addressing any legal questions that arise. Our lawyers ensure that the scheme runs smoothly and is adaptable to your company’s changing needs.

Dispute Resolution

Should any disputes arise over eligibility, entitlements, or compliance, our team provides expert dispute resolution services. We strive to resolve conflicts promptly through negotiation or, if necessary, through legal action to protect your company’s interests.

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