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Wills & Estates Law | Letters of Administration

Guiding You Through Estate Administration

When a loved one passes without a valid will, managing their estate can be a challenging and emotional task. At Executive Law Group, we provide compassionate and comprehensive support in obtaining Letters of Administration, enabling you to administer the estate legally. Our team navigates the complexities of the Probate Registry and guides you through the application process to ensure a smooth transition.

Application and Eligibility Guidance

Not everyone can apply for Letters of Administration. We advise on eligibility criteria and gather the necessary documentation to prove your relationship to the deceased and your suitability to manage the estate. Our team ensures that applications are accurate and complete, reducing delays and complications.

Estate Management and Distribution

With Letters of Administration in hand, we guide you in identifying and valuing estate assets, settling debts, and distributing remaining assets to rightful beneficiaries. We help you fulfill your legal obligations as an administrator while minimising the risk of disputes or legal challenges.

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