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Criminal Law | Drug Defence

Executive Law Group is a criminal law firm that comes to the aid of those charged with drug offences

Possession of illicit drugs is a criminal offence that is punishable by the law. Being proven guilty of owning prohibited drugs can put the accused in prison for 2 years on top of a fine. Other drug-related offences have harsher punishment, but the impact of a conviction can negatively damage an individual’s life. The criminal record can affect current or future employment, travel plans and lifestyles.

Let Our Expert Lawyers Handle Your Case

As much as a conviction is damaging to your lifestyle and records, an expert drug lawyer can give you effective advice on how to lessen your sentence or establish beyond any reasonable doubt that you are not guilty. The maximum fine and punishment are often for repeat offenders or violators with an extensive criminal history.

Sydney’s Top Drug Defence lawyers

We have a great team of defence lawyers in Sydney that have proven time and time again that they can get the results our clients need. Our team of criminal defence lawyers will provide you with all of your options and give the best advice and the probable outcome that will follow.

Getting Drug Charges Dropped

One of our proven methods of getting charges dropped is writing to the prosecution and informing them of the inconsistencies or weaknesses in their case. Moving forward, we will also discuss with them the possible defence we have against their case and push for the case to be withdrawn altogether.

If you are charged with small possession or supply and decide to plead guilty, our criminal defence lawyers can help you secure a ‘section 10,’ thus saving you from a criminal conviction.

However, if you choose to plead not guilty, our law firm can help reduce the drug charges or ultimately win you your case and freedom.

Either way, as the best lawyers in Sydney, we will pull together all of our resources to win the jury’s favour or fight fiercely to clear your name of any convictions.

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