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Criminal Law | MERIT Program

If you have been charged with a drug-related offence, the first thing you need to do is seek the help of the best law firm that Sydney has to offer. A law firm such as Executive Law Group knows all the options available to your unique case and, more often than not, this includes a MERIT Program.

What is a MERIT Program?

You are eligible for MERIT if:

  • You are an adult who is eligible for bail
  • You voluntarily agree to participate in a MERIT Program
  • You have no record of a sexual offence or an indictable offence.

What does it mean to participate in a MERIT Program?

Once deemed eligible to participate in a MERIT Program, a tailored treatment plan will be created for you, unique to the offence you’ve made and the sentence you received. Some situations under a MERIT Program include detoxification, rehabilitation, counselling, and more.

Also expect to undergo various drug tests, including a regular urine testing, which is done to screen for any drug usage post-MERIT acceptance.

If you are deemed worthy to participate in a MERIT Program, you will be granted bail, thus implying that you must abide by any bail conditions demanded by the court. Failing to abide by the conditions set by the court can mean termination from the MERIT Program and that you must return to court to be sentenced accordingly.

Can a MERIT Program reduce my penalty?

Completing the MERIT Program means that the court will still sentence you. However, the magistrate who will hear your case will also take into consideration the feedback supplied by your MERIT caseworker. The report provided by your caseworker will state in detail the progress you have made and how positive your efforts were in battling and preventing drug addiction. All of your efforts during the MERIT Program will be taken into consideration and can contribute to a lighter penalty.

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