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Immigration Law | AAT Appeal & MIU

Immigration Lawyers and visa refusal or visa cancellation

In some cases, visa applicants may receive a letter of visa refusal or visa cancellation. As such, most applicants think that there is only one option—to leave Australia. People are unaware that there are options to review and amend the situation, including AAT Appeal & MIU intervention requests.

Executive Law Group’s Immigration Agent Sydney handles:

  • Visa (temporary or permanent) cancellation cases
  • Visa (temporary or permanent) refusal cases
  • Citizenship refusal cases
  • Reviews to the Migration Review Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)
  • Reviews to the Refugee Review Division of the AAT
  • Reviews to the General Division of the AAT and
  • Intervention Requests for the Minister to the Ministerial Intervention Unit (MIU)
  • In the event that you have you have received a letter of visa refusal or cancellation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, immediately contact Executive Law Group by giving us a call on 1800 395 34 or by email and ask for AAT Appeal and MIU advice from a registered immigration agent.

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