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Immigration Law | Business Visas

Executive Law Group's immigration law department explains migration requirements

Business Visas may be classified as Business Skills or Business Talent Visas. Business skills visas are provisional while business talent visas are migrant. Both require the applicant to sign a declaration stating that they agree to meet the requirements of their respective visa upon arrival in Australia. Working on this on your own is difficult, professional assistance from respected law firms like Executive Law Group can help you lighten the load.

Here are some of the requirements if you have either a Business Skills or Business Talent Visa:

  • Notify the DIBP or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection about your residential address within six months after your initial entry in Australia.
  • Continuously inform the DIBP of any changes to your residential address. Updates must be done within 28 days of changing your location.
  • Business owners, State/Territory-sponsored business owners, senior executive visa holders and State/Territory-sponsored executive visa holders are required to comply to additional onshore requirements and obligations.

    Business Visa Holders

    Within the first 24 months after initial entry to Australia, Business Visa holders must become active and involved owners in their business. Their business must provide input into the economy of the country.

    A business can contribute to the Australian economy by doing at least one of the following things:

  • Increase business connections with international markets.
  • Create or support employment in the country.
  • Export goods or services from Australia.
  • Produce or manufacture products or services that are usually imported in Australia.
  • Contribute new or improved technology.
  • Increase commercial activity and competitiveness within areas of the Australian economy.
  • Provisional Business Visa Holders

    Here are the additional requirements that provisional business visa holders should comply with:

  • Obtaining ownership interest in a business within Australia.
  • Participating as an active senior level contributor in the daily management of the business
  • Business Talent Visa Holders

    Business Talent Visa holders have 3 years to comply with the same criteria above. Not meeting these requirements will result in visa cancellation.

    Investor Visa Holders

    For individuals with Investor Visa, they are required to maintain their Designated Investment for at least 4 years. Not meeting this requirement will result in visa cancellation.

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