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Criminal Law | Drug Offences

Criminal Lawyers in Sydney on Drug Offences

The most common drug offences are possession, supply, and trafficking. Our team at Executive Law Group are trained in all aspects of drug law and offences and can assist you in any way possible in relation to your offence.

When faced with a drug offence conviction, you will need the right criminal lawyers in Sydney to help make the situation less difficult and stressful.

There are different drug-related cases including selling, manufacturing, transporting, and possessing drugs. Any activity that leads to usage, selling or purchase is punishable by the law. Repeat violation can lead to harsher penalties or hefty fines.

You can be charged and fined if you are caught selling, purchasing or in possession of drugs. You can also get charged for cultivating or growing prohibited drugs, especially in large quantities– a common example is the cultivation of cannabis. The penalty and/or fine will depend on the quantity and intention of the accused. If the amount of drugs you possess exceeds the weight specified under the Misuse of Drugs Act, then it can rise to a legal assumption that there is an intent to sell or supply the drugs.

The onus of proof is generally shouldered by the prosecution– they are responsible for proving in Court that you are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. If the prosecution convinces the Court that there is an intent to sell or supply drugs, then you need professional Sydney drug lawyers on your side to either prove your innocence or convince the Court for more lenient punishments or lower fines.

Drug Defence Lawyers in Sydney

If you have been caught in possession of some drugs at a party or charged with any drug-related offence, it will be in your best interest to have a good Sydney-based criminal lawyer to lessen the burden and protect your freedom.

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