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Criminal Law

Executive Law Group Houses the Best Criminal Lawyers

Executive Law Group’s team of expert commercial, business, drug, and criminal lawyers regularly help clients to avoid charges and convictions on their criminal records. Suffering a loss of demerit points or license suspension for traffic offences can make life significantly harder for anyone.

Here at Executive Law Group, our traffic lawyers have years of experience in both court and traffic law, which enables our firm to win cases for our clients, regardless of how dire the situation may seem.

Worrying about losing one’s license is an understandable stress for anyone as it can impact your ability to travel and work. In the face of a traffic violation case, it would be in your best interest to have the best traffic law professional by your side to serve as your legal representation in court.

Criminal Law and Traffic Law with Executive Law Group

Executive Law Group fiercely practices both criminal and traffic law. Our experienced lawyers are armed with the knowledge, skills, and experience to make sure that we produce the best results no matter how impossible your situation may be.

Our experienced criminal lawyers will listen to your side of the story and give you the best advice on how to deal with the situation and get the best results, too.

As professionals in criminal and traffic law, we have enough experience to know that there are plenty of options for our clients when they are faced with a charge.

We have successfully written to the police about our clients’ charges and convinced them to drop the charges. This can be achieved by letting the authorities know the loopholes, mistakes, and problems in the prosecution’s case against our client. We also indicate how strong our client’s defence is and that dropping the charges would be the best way to avoid any further problems. We are proud to say that Executive Law Group has a high success rate when using this strategy.

Better Outcomes with Executive Law Group

However, there will always be instances when the police or prosecutor refuses to drop the charges. In such a situation, we are more than willing to bring the matter to court and prepare an array of evidence to prove your case and gather expert witnesses to further strengthen your case.

Moreover, if you have intentions to seek leniency from the court, Executive Law Group’s criminal lawyers are more than capable of helping you to get a better outcome from the situation.

We can set arrangements with the magistrate to issue you with a section 10, wherein you are found guilty of the offence, but in your criminal record, there will be no conviction. You won’t be marked down for this and you’ll get to keep your licence, as well.

We also have a demonstrated track record of acquiring section 10s even in the most weighty speeding cases—take a look at our Recent Traffic Cases!

At Executive Law Group, we offer fixed-fee arrangements for licence appealsso you will know how much you have to pay onset of the process because we understand that going to court can be an expensive task to undertake.

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