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Immigration Law | Application for Business Visas

Executive Law Group's immigration law department explains migration requirements

Accounting, automotive and trades, and engineering are a few of the many industries in which Australia has a high demand for skilled workers. As such, Australians are reaching out to overseas workers to fill in these occupational skill shortages.

The Australian Business Visa allows and encourages successful businesses and companies to establish a branch in Australia. They can create opportunities for both their company and skilled workers in the country. Business visa also allows international skilled workers to work in Australia.

In order for these international professionals to be given the opportunity to work in Australia—in their respective occupation—Business visas are required. Business visas require an approved sponsor for up to four years, and Executive Law Group’s registered immigration agent can help you every step of the way.

Any business migrant who is taking the first pathway is required to undergo a two-stage sequence or progression to obtain residency in Australia. This two-stage progression means that visa holders will be provided with a Provisional Business Skills Visa for four years. Once the visa holder has established the necessary level of business or investment, they are considered eligible for a Business Skills Residence Visa.

The second method for direct permanent residence is only available to well-established business migrants with sponsorship from one of the State or Territory governments. This category is also known as the Business Talent Visa.

This category is divided into four:

  • Business Owner Category – This is for owners of a business.
  • Senior Executive Category – This is for senior executive employees of major businesses.
  • Investor category – This is for business people or investors who are considering to invest in Australia.
  • Business Talent Category- This is for owners or people of established businesses with sponsorship from a State or Territory government.
  • A business visa may be for you if:

  • You are a company who is looking to sponsor someone to work for you, or
  • You are an applicant who will be sponsored by a company
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