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Traffic Law | Red Light Camera Offences

The most reliable Traffic Lawyers in Sydney explain traffic offences

When on the road, mistakes can be made by anyone at any time. The most common road mistake is running a red light.

If you are caught on camera running a red light it can lead to the loss of demerit points, which can eventually lead to the loss of your license.

Fortunately, the traffic law experts at Executive Law Group can help you keep your license. Our traffic lawyers in Sydney can help you win a red light camera appeal. With our years of professional experience in the field, you can trust our law experts to deliver the best results and best defence for your case.

In most cases we only get one chance for an appeal, which is why it is very important that you get the right legal team to stand by you and fight for you.

Executive Law Group lawyers are experienced, confident and highly skilled. Our criminal lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of clients in court on a daily basis.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop techniques that deal with red light camera cases. These techniques are designed to ensure you have the best chance for a favourable result in your case.

Our Traffic lawyers can help

Your license is a vital part of your life, impacting travel, work and often other day-to-day activities. It is for that reason that Executive Law Group will fight hard to protect your rights.

We will be there with you from start to finish, with our lawyers guiding throughout the case—from writing to the police and justifying your side to gathering any useful evidence that will help your case if it escalates to court.

In some cases, the police refuse to drop the charges during the early stages. We can escalate the matter to court where we can call on the testimony of witnesses on how red light cameras operate—expert evidence normally helps the case shift in your favour.

Executive Law Group lawyers are distinguished and esteemed professionals who are highly respected by magistrates and judges. They have a good record of achieving amazing results in red light camera cases.

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