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Wills and Estates Law | Family Provision Claims

Ensuring Fair Inheritance with Family Provision Claims

When inheritance disputes arise, family members may be left feeling marginalised or unjustly excluded. Our experienced lawyers assist eligible family members in filing Family Provision Claims to contest unfair distributions under a will or through intestacy. We offer strategic advice and representation to secure a fair share of the estate for our clients.

Claim Assessment and Eligibility

We assess your circumstances thoroughly to determine eligibility and guide you through the application process. Our team collects the necessary evidence and prepares compelling arguments to present your claim effectively, ensuring that it reflects your relationship with the deceased and your current financial needs.

Mediation and Court Representation

We advocate for a negotiated settlement through mediation or arbitration, aiming for swift and amicable resolutions. If a dispute cannot be resolved out of court, our lawyers are ready to represent you in court proceedings to secure the provision you’re entitled to. We meticulously build your case, providing strong legal arguments to achieve favorable outcomes.

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