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Family Law | Succession Act (NSW) Releases

Navigating Inheritance and Family Provision Claims

The Succession Act (NSW) plays a significant role in inheritance matters, particularly when it comes to family provision claims. At Executive Law Group, our team of legal experts provides comprehensive advice and support to individuals seeking releases from potential claims or addressing disputes arising under the Succession Act. We assist executors, beneficiaries, and potential claimants in understanding their rights and obligations.

Drafting and Negotiating Succession Releases

We specialise in drafting legally sound release agreements that protect beneficiaries from future claims while ensuring compliance with the Succession Act. Our team negotiates favorable terms that acknowledge family dynamics and estate intentions while minimising the risk of future disputes.

Managing Family Provision Claims

Disputes often arise when individuals feel unfairly excluded or inadequately provided for in a will. We help beneficiaries and executors manage family provision claims under the Succession Act, guiding them through mediation or litigation. Our goal is to resolve matters efficiently and fairly, protecting your interests throughout the process.

Personalised Strategies for Succession Planning

Each estate is unique, and so are the challenges it may face. We work with clients to develop customised succession strategies that align with their estate planning goals while mitigating the likelihood of contentious claims. Whether you’re seeking to resolve a dispute or proactively protect your estate, our team is here to guide you.

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