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Commercial Law | Debt Recovery

Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solutions

At Executive Law Group, we offer comprehensive debt recovery services tailored to your unique business needs. Our legal team specialises in recovering outstanding debts promptly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business without the stress of unpaid invoices and delinquent accounts.

Early Intervention and Negotiation

We believe that early intervention can often prevent prolonged disputes. Our approach starts with assertive communication, engaging debtors directly to negotiate repayment plans or settlements that work for both parties. By opening a dialogue early, we often resolve matters without resorting to litigation.

Legal Proceedings and Enforcement

When negotiations fail, we take swift legal action to secure your payments. Our team initiates and manages court proceedings, seeking judgments and enforcing orders to recover your outstanding debts. From issuing statutory demands to organising asset seisures, we handle every step of the legal process with precision and professionalism.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation isn’t always the best option for debt recovery. We offer mediation and arbitration services to resolve disputes outside the courtroom, saving time and costs while maintaining business relationships. Our lawyers are adept at finding common ground and crafting creative settlements that ensure repayment.

Commercial and Consumer Debt Solutions

Whether your business needs to collect commercial or consumer debts, Executive Law Group is here to help. We assist companies across industries, recovering overdue payments from clients, suppliers, or other businesses. We understand the different regulations that govern commercial and consumer collections and tailor our strategies accordingly.

Customised Strategies and Transparent Fees

Debt recovery requires a strategic approach, so we work with each client to design a customised plan that suits their cash flow needs and business relationships. We also offer transparent, fixed-fee arrangements so you can manage costs while pursuing the funds you’re owed.

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