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Property Law | Transferring a Property

Executive Law Group has a team of solicitors and conveyancers working together to provide you with a complete plan from property advice to settlement.

Our Property Lawyers Can Assist with Property Transfer

Executive Law Group lawyers are experienced and accustomed to preparing documents in relation to property transfer. Our lawyers can handle the transfer case, whether it is between family members, the aftereffect of a divorce or relationship breakdown, our team can help simplify the process of any property transfer. Executive Law Group offers both conveyancing and legal advice benefits to our clients.

In the case that you are planning to get married or considering entering into a de facto relationship, you will need legal help with your property transfer and financial agreement. Executive Law Group can assist you with this.

Executive Law Group is composed of only the best lawyers in Sydney, who can assist you in the transferring of a property by:

  • Providing detailed advice as to the effect of the transfer before any unnecessary expense is incurred
  • Advising on the stamp duty implications of each type of transfer, including organising valuations by registered valuers
  • Preparing applications or legal agreements for stamp duty exemptions (if applicable)
  • Advise you on what banking arrangements need to be put in place prior to the transfer
  • Free Consultation!

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